Alex and I were not vegetarian and we had no food allergies (except we both had a strong dislike for raw celery for some reason!) so the following recipes do not cater for special diets. However, I am sure with a little thought, you can adapt them to your dysphagic patient’s needs if the requirement arises.

We always tried to use seasonal food for variety.

Even if you have never made soup before, please try some of the recipes. Soups are nutritious, filling and can be eaten blended by patient and carer alike without the patient feeling different. They can also be a good way of using up "tired" vegetables to avoid waste. All the soup recipes can be enriched with milk, dried milk or crème fraîche if needed, but do check seasoning before serving.

The main course recipes are ones that ensure meat is tender and so can be easily chewed and swallowed by most patients. However, they are also recipes which can be puréed and re-heated if necessary for the severely dysphagic patient if required. Hence, flavours are quite strong, but please remember to remove bay leaves or bouquet garni before blending!

I hope you get pleasure from making some of these recipes and that you and your patient enjoy eating them.

Good luck - dysphagia can be made more manageable.


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